Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Children's Book #1

Hey everyone! Its been a while. I really need to draw more often, and by more often I mean draw outside of schoolwork. But I haven't and that is the sad truth.  I admire anyone that can draw out of whim and not out of necessity. I used to do that and I miss it.

I also mentioned I would repost my Advanced Perspective final in the appropriate format but I haven't got around doing that yet. The file is enormous and every time I open it up it makes Photoshop load indefinitely. Or maybe I'm just making excuses so no one can see all the flaws and sloppiness of it. I dunno. You'll just have to wait (or not if you care less).

What I do have though is my assignment that I had done for my Children's Book Class! Well I wouldn't call it done. Its what I did so far though and I guess I'll have to just show it.

The poem is "Listen" by Lillian Moore. The whole class had to do the same poem, so it was all witches for the  whole week.

After putting it up for critique in class, I just saw so many mistakes and things I need to fix. I was also originally going to do the incredibly obese witch cat but I decided to change my idea last minute and did a new sketch of the pile of food. Not sure if that was the best decision.

You might see a fat cat or two in the future though. Maybe.


  1. beautiful works, Diane. Keep it up. I can empathize with you on the whole drawing on the whim thing. I think that's what art school does to all of us. Slowly turning our hobby into a job. Haha.

  2. THis is soo lovely Diane. I wouldn't touch a thing on it. Can't wait to see what more you have coming. Remember you have to be kung-fu.

  3. @Emerson Aww thanks Emerson! I hope I don't lose it all one day because of that D:

    @KI-KE Thanks Kike! You're too nice to me. And you're right, I must be kung-fu!

  4. OMG! This is soooooooo cute! Loooove your style Diane! Btw, I love how your work from Joko's class came out!

  5. @jLou Aww wow thank you Jamie! That means so much to me. I still wish I could have finished things better for Joko's class though... I love your work too!! I wish we could have a class together someday!

  6. Diane! Your art is so adorable! Really great stuff here! I'll add you to my blog XD

  7. @Sueann Thank you Sueann!! Theres so much more I need to learnnnn.

    I LOVE your stuff toooo! I added you to my blog as well :)

  8. wow! you are so good!! i love all your work!!!

  9. the cat on the very right, with his chin up... oh my... there are no words. It's too cute. I love your work! You should work for pixar or studio Ghibli!!

    danielle wu