Monday, October 3, 2011

Advanced Perspective Week 3: Noah's Ark

On and above horizon line

On and below horizon line

This week's theme is Noah's Ark. Yeah I know, Arks don't have sails, well whatevs, creative liberties. Flying ships yeahhh.

Still WIP, a little happy with them but its not there just yet. They still need plenty of touching up!


  1. Wow. Diane. Really. really. really good stuff. All your advance perspective stuff are looking very good. Just tighten them up and they'll be portfolio worthy!

  2. these are great, and definitely worthy of touch up once you have time over the break. Keep them coming dude.

  3. WOW really awesome posts you have here!!!! I also love that "AAA" from last Spring semester. I can't believe I've never met you until just last Saturday! See ya around ;D