Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Whole lot of stuff! Some redos, some crap, but yay new things!

Stuff from Advanced Perspective I didn't get to post cause I was
1) lazy
2) didn't finish/not happy with them

But here they are anyway, in their super rough state. >< Some of them I don't even wanna show, but I'm gonna post anyway for the hell of it.

Week 3 Redo (week 6)
Week 3 Redo (week 6)

Week 4 Noah's Ark (Noah's Pet Shop)

Week 4 Noah's Ark (Parade)

Week 5 Noah's Ark (Flood)

Week 5 Theatre (Romance)

Week 7 Egypt (Excavation)
Week 7 Egypt (Queen)
Week 7 Egypt (Temple)

Week 8 Greek Mythology (Hermes)
Week 8 Greek Mythology (Sirens)
Week 8 Greek Mythology (Pandora)
Week 8 Greek Mythology (Hades & Persephone)

Week 9: Isometric (My own story thing)

Week 9: Isometric characters (own story)

So thats all of it! I'm really ashamed of my messy work and lazy work ethic, but its what I did for the past few weeks, so this is what I have to show. I hope I'll get to work on them more in the future. 

The last two pictures are for my Final Project, which is an ongoing assignment until the last week of class. Its an exciting challenge and I hope I'll be able to put my best into it to improve myself. Its a little scary, because our class is 2 weeks behind because of labor day and some other weird scheduling thing, so we're cramped on time. But I really want to see if I can change, create my own story and work the hell out of myself to get better. I hope it will end up being an interesting story. So until then! 

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Wow! These are really wonderful! Excellent storytelling and use of color!

  2. Niiiiice! I wish you and Cindy were in my class! T_T

  3. Dude you are seriously amazing. Great work load you've got going here.

  4. @HLee: Thanks! I wish I could have spent more time cleaning things up and doing the rest in color.
    @jLou: I wish I was in your class too! It'd be cool if our class were combined. It'd probably be too crowded though haha. Looking forward to seeing your final stuff :)
    @KI-KE: Aww thanks Kik-e :D But I'm definitely not there yet. Gotta practice some more! The stuff you've been churning out lately is pretty awesome too! How are you liking ILL1?

  5. Dude ill1 is pretty damn sweet.

  6. Oh my...the week 8 Hades & Persephone piece is beautiful. Their story is my favorite in Greek Mythology, and I really like what you did here - with Hades looming over, and his dark tendril shadows seeming to reach for her.
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  7. Happened upon your blog and woooow these look amazing! I especially love the Hades and Persephone as well as the theatre romance one.