Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Red & Astronomy Wiz Bear

Final for childrens book. Its Little Red-- as a rabbit! I had fun with the characters and colors. I'll post the sketches later. These are the no-text versions. Inspired by Gigidigi! Check out her work, shes fantastic!

This thing is a screenshot of a rather lazy animation I've been working on for my Astronomy class. I really don't know anything about animation but I thought I would give it a try. When I was rendering it to video though last week it just got totally corrupted so I have to redo it again for the final... But when I do get to finish it again I'll be sure to post it up! It'll be super boring though because all it'll be talking about is the classification of galaxies.

Summer vacation is almost hereeeeeee ahhhhh I'm so exhausted. Still two more classes to go for me :(

Anyway thanks for looking!


  1. sooooooooooooo cute! are you taking the illustration 3 class? the vector one?

  2. oh mah gosh sooo cute, i'm dying here!! I'm a sucker for this kinda stuff XDDDD again awesome colors, no matter how simple you apply your rendering :) very impressive, Diane. Can't wait to see that "boring" animation! ;D

  3. Diane you are boss dude! Nice work this semester kid. Send my love to Leo dog shit!

  4. Aww thanks guys!! You're all so nice. :)

  5. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog last time. I'm having a giveaway (click here) if you are interested -- keep up the beautiful work! :)


  6. Meninas, passem agora no TC e confiram os looks lindos que escolhemos para o dia dos Namorados!!!

  7. Hey Diane,

    I just noticed that you live in Oakland! Do you know Hung Liu, who teaches at Mills College? She is one of my favorite Chinese contemporary artists; I might even visit her this august!