Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Yay!

Woo I'm taking 3 classes this summer!! I'm also working at the same time. Tough but not impossible!

Sooo this was first day of Location Drawing with Eli Harris! Its such a great class. We went to Grace Cathedral today. I suck at using pen so I tried to force myself to draw with pen all day. Yay mistakes!
 My first drawing for the day... lack of perspective lol oops
I think this is getting a little better? I hope. I need to learn how to simplify my lines more

 Started doodling people at the park while eating my lunch.

 dorp. Playing around with brush pen and white out. and heres a complimentary art pidgeon? I dunno. I'm not very creative.

A sketch of my two friends, Cindy & Pin! And a floating mini Pin on the left!

Now onto my other class: Visual Development for Games! This class was actually a last minute decision but I'm glad I'm taking it. Fun assignments! The first module was to create a character out of a teapot and draw its emotions. I inevitably kept thinking of a baby elephant when drawing this.

And finally, something I promised I would do but never did because I was lazy. Finally ok-res versions of  Enchanted Sapling! I would like to eventually write out a proper summary  for what this story is about. I'll have to save it for another time, because I'm still lazy as ever.

These two got in the Spring Show! Theres still so much I wanted to fix.

Until another time! Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Huwaaaaa~ supa awesome sketches, Diane!! Ooh vis dev for games, can't wait to see you're final already! XD

    And omg, 3 classes + job during summer?! Pro status! ;)

  2. Really great to see some new work from you! :) The teapot is so great - reminds me of the one from Beauty and the Beast! Can't wait to see what's next!

    d a n i e l l e |

  3. Dude i left a comment last week that i thought got published. Damn blogger thingys. Anyways; it was somewhere along the lines of ( Why are you so awesome? I love love love your visual development work, and your locations). I'll be at the workshops. I'm not taking summer classes, but ill be around. Hope to see you there Diane. Oh and i'm was also so jealous that you get to take class with Eli Harris. He's a really nice guy and awesome artist.

  4. Diane these a beautiful! Love your location drawing I suck at those lol! and of course your final for adv perspective is th cutest!

  5. so much awesome in this post. Love the pen sketches, Diane. Keep it up! And your final for Adv. Persp. looks amazing!

  6. Hi Diane!

    I know you haven't posted in a while so you must be busy, but I wanted to get your opinion on my (inferior) portfolio site I'm trying to get up and running! :) Hope you are doing well~

    d a n i e l l e |

  7. I love all Diane's works so much!!!! You are so good!! Hope to see more post of your works. And by the way, I love the floating mini Pin!! I can't draw people that good.

  8. Wow! I accidental found your blog. GREAT WORK !

  9. Hi Diane! I sent you an email recently but I want to make sure I catch you so I'm posting here as well. I'm developing a multi-platform game for facebook, ios, android, etc.
    It's a steampunk Isometric RPG that is on a very small scale (Think of the very popular games on facebook) We want to talk with you and see if you are interested in working on it. See our email for more details. Our main project currently is Sky Bridge a steampunk MMO which will be crowd-funded later this spring.

    Let us know your thoughts!

    -Jacob Siler
    Co-Founder JAZ Inc.